• Fanno Creek Trail near Ash Avenue
  • Fanno Creek Trail near Ash Avenue
  • Fanno Creek Trail near Ash Avenue

Fanno Creek Trail

Fanno Creek Remeander Project

The City of Tigard partnered with Clean Water Services to restore Fanno Creek along two city-owned properties in Downtown Tigard. Construction of the remeander is now complete. 

Fanno Creek Trail Project UpdateFanno Creek Trail near Ash Avenue
(updated 10/24/18)

The Fanno Creek Trail between Main Street and Ash Avenue is open! 

Construction is substantially complete on the Fanno Creek Trail remeander project between Main Street and Ash Avenue. The project is designed to reduce erosion, increase water quality, allow better flood passage, and create a safety corridor for pedestrians. This project made creek and trail improvements, including:

  • Restoration of Fanno Creek closer to its historic location
  • Creation and improvement of floodplain wetlands
  • Replacement of the Ash Street pedestrian bridge with a new steel bridge located upstream
  • Construction of a new pedestrian/bike trail to replace impacted sections
  • Establishment of native plant communities and plantings along the new trail edges

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew Newbury or 503-718-2472.

Construction Hours
Noise from construction activities are exempt from sound limits between the hours of 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. seven days a week.  Authority: Tigard Municipal Code Chapter 6.02 Nuisances, Section 6.02.450

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