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The City is constantly working to make downtown a place where people want to be. With new residents, businesses and development in downtown, the City is in the process of updating and changing parking regulations. Due to areas of high customer demand for on-street parking, the city has recently held a series of hearings to update signage, fees and enforcement practices.

The Downtown Parking Plan’s changes include: 

  • Phase One: Expand 2-hour parking on Ash Ave at Burnham St - Completed in April 2017
  • Phase Two: Expand 2-hour parking to Tigard St and portions of Burnham St to accommodate high demand on Main St. Completion expected end of Nov 2017. See Changes to 2-hour Parking Zone. - Completed December 2017
  • Phase Three:
    • Ordinance update, including legislation that allows Phase Three, and numerous minor updates to the parking and the abandoned vehicle ordinances. – Completed January 2018
    • Cost of parking tickets and the cost of permits. – Completed January 2018
    • Enable the creation of 4-hour parking areas, and the opportunity to purchase parking permits that allow all-day parking in these areas.  See 4-hour Parking/Permits. - Expected Completion Summer 2018
  • Maps of Downtown Parking Phases

Updated Parking Permits and Fines*
On January 2, 2018 the council unanimously approved Ordinance No. 18-01 and Resolution No. 18-03.  This Resolution and Ordinance changed citywide parking master fees and schedule and will go into effect on February 2, 2018.

Parking Permits – Availability expected Summer 2018
   Downtown Parking Permit    $35/month
   Construction Parking Permit
       $5/day/space in 2-hour zone
       $3/day/space in 4-hour zone

Violation Fines** – Effective February 2, 2018
   Overtime Parking Violation    $50
   Unlawful use of a space for persons with disabilities   $165
   All other Parking Violations   $50

*Adjusted annually in conjunction with the Portland Consumer Price Index (CPI) unless the fine is set by statute. If index is insufficient to increase fee in whole dollar, increase will compound into the next year.
**All violations have a minimum fine of 50% of that listed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many public parking spots are there in Downtown? 
A: There are 100 two-hr on-street parking spaces, and 31 spaces in public parking lots, available for customers and visitors of Downtown Tigard.

Q: Are there time restrictions on when parking is enforced?
Signed and permit parking spots are enforced weekdays from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. 
Example: You could leave your car overnight until 11:59 am (8 am-12 pm = 4 hours) before you would have to move it, or you could park it at 2:01 pm (2-6 pm = 4 hours) and not be at risk of a violation.

Q: Who enforces parking within the City of Tigard?  
A:  Most of the parking enforcement duties, especially in the case of timed parking enforcement, are the responsibility of the city’s Community Service Officers.   

Q: What does a written warning mean?  
A:  Warnings serve as an official advisory that you were parked in violation.  No further action is required. 

Q: How do I pay or dispute a parking ticket?  
:  Information on how to pay or dispute a parking ticket can be found on all issued parking tickets.  Contact the Tigard Municipal Court at 13125 SW Hall Blvd. Tigard, OR 97223.  Monday–Thursday: 8 am to 6 pm. 

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