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Summerlake Park

Snowman Scavenger HuntSnowman Scavenger Hunt at Summerlake Park
Five snowmen have been hidden around Summerlake Park. The first ten families to find all the snowmen have a chance to win a FREE winter gift box.

How to play:

  1. Use the clues below to help you find the hiding snowmen at Summerlake Park in Tigard.
  2. Take a picture/selfie with all 5 snowmen in their hiding spots. REMEMBER DO NOT MOVE SNOWMEN.
  3. After you have taken selfies with all 5 snowmen, submit them to
  4. The first 10 families to submit their pictures will receive a winter gift box.
  5. We will announce via Facebook when all boxes have been won.
  6. Have fun and enjoy searching for snowmen!


  • Where is Snowman 1 hiding?
    I am made of wood and nails, I connect to Summerlake trails. Pedestrians use me to avoid getting wet.
  • Where is Snowman 2 hiding?
    One of my favorite things is to run around a park. If I’m unhappy then you might hear me bark.
  • Where is Snowman 3 hiding?
    This is somewhere with a diamond, but it’s not found on a hand. I have people on deck, but I’m not a ship.
  • Where is Snowman 4 hiding?
    Look for a seat you push with your feet or ask someone to lend a hand.
  • Where is Snowman 5 hiding?
    You can find me near a place you go to wash your hands. I’m hanging where you often find info for recreation events.

Any questions? Call Kaitlyn McKinney at 503-718-2604 or email

Park Overview
Summer Lake is the centerpiece of Summerlake Park. The 30-acre park has a ball field and picnic shelter available for rent. This park is also home to the Summerlake Dog Park

Trails, including three footbridges over the lake, give visitors access to the lake, rhododendron garden, and open spaces interspersed with small wooded areas. The park is home to songbirds, ducks and aquatic animals. 

Features & Highlights

  • Picnic shelter rentals
  • Ball field rentals
  • Trails
  • BBQ grills
  • Drinking fountains
  • Horseshoe pits
  • Play structures
  • Tennis courts
  • Basketball courts
  • Picnic tables
  • Rhododendron garden
  • Summerlake Dog Park    

Picnic Shelter Amenities

  • Accommodates 150 people
  • Covered pavilion
  • (9) 8' tables, including 3 cement tables
  • (6) Electrical outlets
  • 5' BBQ with 3 grills (charcoal not supplied)
  • Restrooms 40' away
  • Drinking fountain 50' away
  • Playground 250' away
  • Youth baseball field 250' away
  • Rhododendron garden 250' away
  • Basketball and tennis courts 300' away

Sorg Rhododendron Garden

Summerlake Park RhododendronSorg Rhododendron Garden is big hit in Summerlake Park, especially during April and May when the rhododendrons and azaleas are in bloom.

The Rhododendron Garden was dedicated to Otto Karl Sorg (1905-1982) on October 23, 2001, following an agreement to transplant rhododendrons and azaleas from other Sorg properties to Summerlake Park. City crews transplanted approximately 15 rhododendrons and azaleas that were over 20 years old. Some of the rhododendrons were eight-feet across and required a loader to move. The garden continues to improve and expand as additional plants are donated or purchased.

Canadian Geese @ Summerlake Park

Canada Goose Management in Summerlake Park
At the request of local residents, Tigard Parks & Rec began a new program in March to manage geese at Summerlake Park. 

The city regularly receives complaints requesting that Canada goose problems be addressed. In February and March, geese populations and complaints were increasing. Requests from area residents often point to concern for public health and safety in the park. Canada geese are enjoyed by many, but according to The United States Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, conflicts can involve:

  • The unaesthetic and unpleasant nature of goose feces,
  • Possible health concerns over the feces,
  • Landscape damage, and
  • Geese aggressive toward humans.

The city’s goal is to implement a plan by which an appropriate population of geese can be maintained while not adversely affecting park users. To that end, the city has executed a contract with Geese Guys, a Portland firm specializing in comprehensive and humane Canada Goose Management Programs (CGMP).

Through the month of April, biologists with Geese Guys worked with the United States Fish & Wildlife Service to apply humane egg depredation methods in Summerlake Park order to discourage the hatch out of goslings and resulting exponential population growth.

For more information, contact Steve Martin at or 503-718-2591.

Public Works Dept. | 503-718-2591
11450 SW Winterlake Drive

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