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Public Works Update

Updated: 5/25/17

Public Works Day: Fun with Heavy Equipment
Dump trucks and backhoes and bucket trucks, oh my! Over 480 people joined Public Works staff on Sunday in celebration of National Public Works Week. With hands-on fun, both inside and outside the library, residents and visitors got a glimpse of what Public Works is all about. Every resident and property owner of Tigard relies on Public Works each day for some type of service. This includes providing excellent drinking water, efficient conveyance systems for sewage and stormwater, street maintenance, signage and signals for traffic safety, maintenance of our beautiful parks and trails and much more. Read more in the Public Works Annual Report at View photos of Public Works Day on Facebook @CityofTigard.

Heart Public Works
Follow along on social media this week for news and updates about Public Works. Outreach includes a week-long virtual ride-along featuring the men and women who make up the Public Works Department. Learn about our equipment, the work we do and more.

Work on 130th Stairs Complete
On Monday, Parks Supervisor Martin McKnight signed off on work to complete the replacement of stairs between 13746 and 13728 SW 130th Place.  The wood stairs were replaced with new concrete stairs. Happy walking!

Backflow Deadline is Next Week 
All Tigard Water Service Area customers are required to have their backflow prevention devices tested each year by June 1.  If you are a property owner with an in ground sprinkler system, a fire suppression system, or a private well, state and local laws require that you install and maintain a backflow prevention device on your service line and have it inspected yearly by a certified tester. For more information visit

UPDATE: 4/6/2017

Recreation Update: First Art Class Held this Week
This was a special week for the Recreation Program! The city’s first Spring Activity hosted by Parks & Recreation got started this week. The Young Rembrandts preschool drawing class teaches students basic drawing skills. This week the lesson included a dinosaur.

Arbor Day
What fun! Tigard High School Community Experience for Career Education (CE2) Students planted Western Red Cedar in Jack Park Wednesday as part of the city’s annual Arbor Day celebration.  The CE2 Program offers a unique opportunity for students to explore careers and engage in community activities while earning credits towards graduation. Mayor Cook hosted the students and also thanked them for their hard work. Students had an opportunity to hear from the Mayor on topics like:

  • How did you become Mayor?
  • What are the requirements to be Mayor?
  • What are the toughest issues currently facing the city?
  • Do you work with other cities on traffic congestion issues? 

PW updates
Spring CERT Class Underway
This week marked week five for the city’s spring CERT Class. The topic this week was light search and rescue tactics, taught by city staff and retired TVF&R staff Ken Dawson.PW Updates

Egg Hunt Next Week: 591 Children Registered eggs small
Tigard Parks & Rec is holding a GUESS HOW MANY CONTEST! in the Recreation Program Facebook Group ( 

A special bunny hopped on by and dropped off some prizes.  How many eggs do you think we have for the Egg Hunt? Hint: It's over 5,000.... Updated Hint: It’s over 10,000! The closest answer without going over will win an egg-cellent prize! Contest ends Wednesday, April 12.

Recreation staff is hosting an egg stuffing party on Wednesday, April 12. For information or to volunteer contact

Registration still available at Thank you again to our sponsor, Greenburg Pediatric Dentistry!

update: 4/13/17

Eggscelent Event in Cook Park on Saturday
Get your baskets ready! The eggs are filled, the activities are set, and it looks like the weather just may hold up. The agenda for the second annual Egg Hunt includes:

  • Check in/ Registration: 9 a.m.
  • 0-3 years: 10 a.m.
  • 4-6 years: 10:30 a.m.
  • 7- 10 years: 11 a.m.
  • Day of registration price: $5

Considering walking to the event? Check out the Cook Park Walking Map online:

The winner of the "Guess How Many Contest" is...Jana Orr! The total amount of eggs for the egg hunt is 13,493- and her guess was 13,488! So close! Thanks everyone for playing! See you on Saturday; we are very egg-cited!

All Hands on Deck for the Windstorm
Last Friday, city crews responded to over 25 reports of trees down all over the city.  Public Works crews split into teams ready with chainsaws and more. Clean up from the storm continued this week.   

CERT Training Continues 
Tigard has the best volunteers, and CERT is no different! This week students had a chance to get out of the classroom and do some training in the field. Set up on Burnham Street, teams learned skills like taking a visual assessment. This is part of the light search and rescue techniques section of the training.

update: 4/20/17

2nd Annual Egg Hunt was Egg-cellent!
On the sunny Saturday of April 15, hundreds of families gathered at Cook Park for a day of hunts, activities and community. Over 13,000 eggs were scattered throughout the park with age groups hunting at different start times. Pip’s Original Doughnuts was there selling chai and donuts as well as a special bunny visitor. Thank you to our sponsor, Greenburg Pediatric Dentistry.

PW Updates

Recreation sports classes start!
April 15 was the first sport class of the spring season. Skyhawks held their first Flag Football Camp of a 6-week session. Other spring activities include soccer, volleyball, tennis, coding and science camps and classes. These and other spring activities are available for registration at Scholarships are available for Tigard Parks & Rec activities.

Water Division Sends Updates
The top 5 from Kyle Arnhart, Senior Utility Worker:

  1. Crews are continuing to update water valve cans in preparation for summer paving.  This will allow for easier access in an emergency and a better road product when paving is complete.
  2. Tasks this week included doing some prep work at Tigard High for work this summer. While exploring, crews found a 3" water main break and quickly fixed it! Great job Derek and Ethan!
  3. Dan recently moved two water services on Fischer Road for a Washington County project.
  4. Oops! A vehicle hit a fire hydrant on Main Street and thanks to the crew the hydrant was only out of service for 12 hours.
  5. Reminder: Tigard Water has a three feet clearance ordinance around fire hydrants.

PW Updates

update: 5/4/17

Tigard Parks Provide the Perfect Match for Sunny Weather
From open green fields to fishing on the Tualatin River, parks in Tigard offer you the great outdoors. With nearly 550 acres of parks, greenways and natural areas, there is a lot to explore! Several of Tigard Parks & Rec’s youngest fans were out enjoying the sunny weather yesterday. View updated parks maps to plot your next adventure. (Choose Printable Maps, Parks, then Parks Maps for downloadable 8.5x11 PDFs).
PW Update

Drinking Water Week
The Tigard Public Works Water Division will be celebrating Drinking Water Week with two exciting announcements. Stay tuned to @CityofTigard on Facebook or @TigardOR on Twitter for details. Download a coloring sheet to get ready for the exciting things ahead.
PW Update

It’s May which means it’s almost Public Works Week!
Every resident and property owner of Tigard relies on Public Works each day for some type of service. This includes providing excellent drinking water, efficient conveyance systems for sewage and stormwater, street maintenance, signage and signals for traffic safety, maintenance of our beautiful parks and trails, and much more. But enough of the serious stuff… we have some really cool equipment!!

The Tigard Public Works Department invites the community to Fun with Heavy Equipment on Sunday, May 21 from noon-2 p.m. at the Tigard Public Library. Celebrate National Public Works Week (May 21-27) with some hands-on fun, both inside and outside the library. Go high in the sky in a bucket truck... even operate a backhoe. Tools, street signs and more fun activities will be in the library. Take home your own construction hat. Watch the video.

Camas is now blooming at Dirksen Nature Park
Camas is a culturally important plant for northwest native tribes and is a beautiful oak savannah flower. Over 30,000 Camas bulbs were planted in Dirksen Nature Park in 2015 and this is the first year that they are mature enough to bloom. Now is the time to check out this beautiful nature park! The blooming Camas is visible along Tigard Street.
PW Update

UPDATE: 5/11/17

Construction Work on the Fanno Creek Trail
A portion of the Fanno Creek Trail near Main Street is currently under construction. This is a known trouble spot for erosion on the trail. The city did a temporary fix two years ago at this location, in anticipation of a more permanent solution as part of the Fanno Creek Remeander Project.

A wire-type fencing material is being draped over the failure areas.  Earth anchors will be driven into the ground to secure the fencing material to prevent further failure. City crews are completing the work, which is expected to wrap up in the next couple of weeks. Please use caution in this section of trail.
PW Update

Water Tests Confirm Improvements in Water Quality, Lower Lead Levels
The city’s most recent results indicate that lead and copper risks have been greatly reduced.  Zero homes were found to have higher than the normal action level for lead.  “That’s truly remarkable,” said John Goodrich, Water Program manager. “All along this was a goal of the Lake Oswego-Tigard Water Partnership, but to see it become a reality for our customers is really exciting.”

In tests performed in September 2016, lead levels were at less than four parts per billion, yet two homes were found to be higher than the normal action level. In such cases, lead levels can typically be traced to interior plumbing fixtures, not the source water. In 2016, after the city switched its primary water source, the city sampled water in 11 homes and recorded samples of lead at 13 parts per billion—still within acceptable levels for safe drinking water. The testing occurred jointly with Portland and other wholesale water providers.

Samples taken in September and March at 66 homes with lead solder and copper in household plumbing show that Clackamas River water treated and delivered by the Lake Oswego Tigard Water Treatment Plant is less corrosive than the city’s previous water source. The plant treats drinking water to make it less corrosive and therefore less likely to leach lead into water from some household plumbing fixtures. For more information, visit

National Drinking Water Week (May 7-13) PW Update
The average American uses 100 gallons of water a day. How often do you think about how our water is purified, or what it goes through in order to reach our homes? Behind the tap is a complex network of infrastructure, and at the heart of Lake Oswego and Tigard’s system is a new, state-of-the-art water treatment plant which produces and delivers fresh, safe, reliable drinking water year-round. It’s where all the magic happens!

To celebrate drinking water week (May 7-13), we are sharing the story behind the magic of clean drinking water - how Clackamas River water is treated and purified to exceed safe drinking water standards for Lake Oswego and Tigard communities.  View the video:

We depend on ongoing access to clean, safe water for our health, economy and way of life. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the vital role water plays in our daily lives and learn more about how our water is made safe to drink.

Annual Backflow Test Due by June 1
If you have an in-ground lawn irrigation system, you are required to have a backflow prevention device. To ensure devices are functioning properly, state law requires property owners to test their devices annually. A person who is state certified in backflow testing must perform the test and submit results to the city. For more information, please visit or contact Cross Connection Specialist Hung Nguyen at or 503-718-2603.

Public Works Day Event: Fun with Heavy Equipment
Public Works plays a role in nearly every aspect of our lives—from turning on the tap, to playing in the park, to helping us get from one place to another on our trails, sidewalks and streets.

The City of Tigard invites you to come and learn what your Public Works Department is all about.

Sunday, May 21  | Noon-2 p.m.
Tigard Public Library & Parking Lot
Additional parking at Tigard City Hall

PW day 2016“Day in and day out, the number one goal for our department is to provide exceptional customer service to our residents and businesses, said Brian Rager, Public Works Director. “We provide excellent drinking water, efficient systems for sewage and stormwater, street maintenance, signage and signals for traffic safety, maintenance of our beautiful parks and trails and much more.”

There will be heavy-duty fun for the entire family:

  • Activities, hands-on demonstrations and free giveaways.
  • Sit in the driver’s seat of a backhoe or dump truck, and see other machines used to dig trenches, haul rock, trim trees and more!
  • Visit with public works professionals who will answer questions and talk about their work.

This free, outdoor event is held in celebration of National Public Works Week, May 21-27. For more information, contact Public Works at 503-718-2591.

PW UpdateParks & Rec Set to Kick off Summer with a Family Dance Party
The Micah & Me Children’s Music Show is a dance party for toddlers! This live music show is targeted at ages zero to seven and the young at heart. It happens in Cook Park on Thursday, June 1 at 11 a.m. Register at

UPDATE: 5/18/16

Updated May 18, 2017 

Next Week is our MOST FAVORITE WEEK! PW day 2016
Starting Sunday, Public Works will celebrate National Public Works Week. Tigard residents and visitors are invited to join in on the celebration this Sunday at the Tigard Public Library for Fun with Heavy Equipment.
Sunday, May 21  |  Noon-2 p.m.
Tigard Public Library & Parking Lot
Additional parking at Tigard City Hall


Camas Blooms Dazzle in Dirksen Nature Park:  The camas flowers in this picture came up this year, two years after removing the non-native grasses from the oak savanna at Dirksen.  These are not planted but were in the soil and being out competed by the non-native grasses.  With the competition gone these plants are able to survive.

“This is really a cool development and pretty too,” said Carla Staedter project manager for the Dirksen project.  Camas was an important first nations food staple and culturally important to the tribes of the Pacific Northwest.  

This picture was taken by Wendy Kral, Ash Creek Forest Management’s Project Manager working on the oak savanna restoration project.


Work Continues on The Fanno Creek Trail Repair: This week crews continued to stabilized the bank at Fanno Creek trail by installing wire mesh and anchors. This work will continue into next week. Work will resume as the water subsides. Please use caution in this section of trail, and be prepared for trail closures next week.
Trail Repair

Sandbag Station Retires for the Season: Each year, as a service to residents and business owners, the city offers a free sandbag station in the parking lot of the Tigard Public Works Building (8777 SW Burnham Street.). The station is set up in the fall and removed in the summer to make more room for the Tigard Area Farmers Market. Sandbags are still available if needed. For more information contact Theresa Reynolds at or 503-718-2704.

130th Stairs Under Construction:  Starting on Thursday a contractor was onsite to begin removal of the wood stairs between 13746 and 13728 SW 130th Place.  The project includes construction of new concrete stairs. This work is expected to be substantially complete by the end of May.
Stairs at 130th

*This is a drill. This is a drill.* Annual EOC Exercise held on Wednesday: On Wednesday, May 17, Tigard participated in an emergency operations drill designed to test our primary and backup communications systems; the drill was intended for internal staff and external citizens and stakeholders. Residents and visitors could participate by letting the city know that they received messages posted on the city website and social media. Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers were on hand to assist with the exercise.
EOC event

Water Crew Sends Updates: This week crews spent a few days cleaning up a water reservoir site after winter weather and windy storms. In addition, crews spent part of the week working in the City of Durham updating water assets in preparation for paving. The hydrant was moved and updated due to a new ADA ramp that will be installed this summer.

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After-Hours Emergency
To report water, stormwater, sewer, street or park emergencies outside regular business hours, contact the after-hours answering service at 503-639-1554.
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