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Public Works Update

Updated: 9/7/17
Here is a summary of the work happening in Public Works.  Please feel free to contact Marissa Grass ( with any questions.

Ready to Run: Fun Run Registration Full, Same-Day Registration Available
Pre-registration for the Fun Run is now officially full. Same-day registration is available for up to 25 participants between 9-10:15 a.m. on Saturday.  Same-day registrations are not guaranteed a t-shirt, but will get a bib and racer bag while supplies last. Please bring cash or checks only, and no bills over twenty dollars will be accepted.  View the route at

Participants are in for a treat with a route around Downtown and in Tigard Parks, participants will receive:

  • Shirt
  • Bib
  • Koi Fusion Taco
  • 7 day FREE gym membership to Anytime Fitness
  • 1 FREE class at Orange Theory Fitness
  • Tigard Parks & Rec Sunglasses
  • Coupon for Tigard Taphouse
  • Tri Met pins, card holders
  • Oregon State Park activities for kids/adults
  • Granola bars

A Night at the Movies: Fantastic Beasts
Fri, Sep 8 | Movie begins at dusk | Cook Park | Free
Watch this newly-released movie on our 20-ft screen. Come early and play games with Tigard Parks & Rec! Rated PG-13.

Get Ready for Fall with the Tigard Parks and Recreation Activity Guide
If you’re looking to learn a new hobby, meet some new friends, develop your skills, get out of the house or just be entertained—we have something for you!

Classes include:

  • Young Rembrandts art classes
  • Skyhawks Sports Classes (tennis and flag football)
  • Coding with Kids introduction to programming concepts
  • Soccer Shots
  • Adaptive Recreation

Visit to view the Activity Guide or register for classes. Scholarships are available for all Parks & Recreation activities. To learn more contact us at or 503-718-2591.

Fields Natural Area Oak Release
In the next week, a contractor for Metro will begin to remove trees in the Fields Natural area (north of Milton Court between Fanno Creek and the railroad) to improve the growing environment for native oak trees.

The oak trees in the forest there have been overrun by faster-growing ash and fir trees that block sunlight from reaching the oaks Metro will selectively cut down trees that are crowding the oak trees. This will then allow the oaks and plants that grow in oak forests to thrive.

Many of the trees will be left on the ground to benefit the forest even after they have been cut down. Deadwood on the ground nourishes the forest, and snags, basically tall stumps, become prime residences for birds and mammals. Some trees will be removed from the site and be used at other restoration sites. A small number of trees will be sold to defray project costs and help taxpayer dollars go farther.

Some of the work may be visible from the east end of the library parking lot.  It will likely take two weeks to complete.  For more information, please visit  If you have any questions, please call Metro natural resource scientist Kate Holleran at 503-813-7543.

UPDATE: 6/29/17

Tigard Mayor Declares July as Park and Recreation Month
The Parks & Rec summer theme is “Get Your Play On!” in conjunction with the National Recreation and Park Association’s annual campaign to celebrate July as National Park and Recreation Month! On Tuesday, June 27 Mayor Cook signed a proclamation declaring July as Park and Recreation Month in the City of Tigard. In celebration, our staff will be hosting events all month long. Stay tuned to social media for updates. #PlayOnJuly

Pop Up in the Park!
Get ready to play outside with various sports, games and crafts. Let us take care of the fun!

Cook Park | Wed, Jul 5 | 11 a.m.–1 p.m.
Summerlake Park | Wed, Jul 12 | 11 a.m.–1 p.m.
Bonita Park | Wed, Jul 19 | 11 a.m.–1 p.m.
Woodard Park | Wed, Jul 26 | 11 a.m.–1 p.m.

Shelter Reservations Full for Weekends in July and August
Looks like Tigard residents have made summer plans—every shelter in July and August is booked for the weekend! Over 100 reservations span the two months for Saturday and Sunday alone. July is National Parks and Recreation Month and it looks like folks are going to be enjoying the outdoors to celebrate. Fun fact: 50 percent of all vigorous exercise in America happens at parks. How will you get your play on? #PlayonJuly

Peak Water Use Hits New High in Hot Weather
Over the weekend, high temperatures led to more water use from Tigard water customers. The recorded temperature was 101 degrees and customers used 10.22 million gallons in a 24-hour period on June 25. Last year, the high was 9.1 million gallons per day and 80 degrees at the same time of year. 

For information on water conservation visit Stop by the Public Works Building located at 8777 SW Burnham St. and pick up a free Indoor or Outdoor Conservation Kit. The Weekly Watering Number is the amount of water in inches that your lawn will need that week.  You can also use the Weekly Watering Number for watering other types of plants, by using general guidelines.  Visit for more information.

Balloon Festival: Thank You to Public Works Employees
The City of Tigard had more than 65 work shifts over the weekend at the Balloon Festival. The event is organized by The Festival of Balloons non-profit organization that raises funds for many non-profit groups in Tigard, with support from the city. Groups benefiting from Festival funds include: Tigard Breakfast Rotary, Tigard Lunch Rotary, THS Boosters, A.C.S. Relay for Life Tigard-Tualatin, THS Lacrosse, THS Band and Auxiliary Parent Association, Southside Soccer, and others.
PW Updates

Sequoia Tree Removal Now Complete
The trunk of the sequoia tree near the Tigard Public Library was removed on Wednesday, June 28, 2017. The trunk was cut into about four sections and transported by city staff. Portions were taken to Dirksen Nature Park for use in the future nature play area.

The city’s contractor removed the sequoia’s larger limbs and branches on February 21 and 22; this got rid of a lot of the weight. Unfortunately, the ground was too wet to support the heavy machinery needed to remove the trunk. The city initially requested a risk assessment by a private contract arborist due to the erosion of the creek bank beneath the tree. In 2015, the tree was given a risk rating of 8 out of 12. The report stated that there was a risk the tree could fall due to continued flooding and erosion.
PW Updates

UPDATE: 7/6/17

National Park and Recreation Month
The Parks & Rec summer theme is “Get Your Play On!” in conjunction with the National Recreation and Park Association’s annual campaign to celebrate July as National Park and Recreation Month! Over 150 people celebrated in Cook Park on Wednesday. Join the fun!

Pop Up in the Park
Get ready to play outside with various sports, games and crafts. Let us take care of the fun! The next event will be held at Summerlake Park on Wed, Jul 12 from 11 a.m.–1 p.m.
PW Update

Photo Challenge
July 3-9: P is for Park! Show us how you get your play on at your local park! Don’t forget to use the hashtag #playonjuly. 

Fun on the Fourth of July
Independence Day is a great time to celebrate in Tigard! We wanted to say a special thank you to our Public Works Employees who worked to make events in Tigard a success. Our streets crew members assisted with signage and traffic, our parks crew members assisted with the fireworks display. Parks staff use about 30 yards of sand to assist in the fireworks setup. They also service the park all day from 6 a.m. until midnight, and then clean up the next day. Martin McKnight, Parks Supervisor estimates 2,500 people visited Cook Park on Tuesday.

Summer Paving: Major Work Begins July 17
Summer pavement overlay work has begun with replacement of curb ramps in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Major paving work begins on July 17th. Details are here.

Swallows Find a Home in River Terrace
Consultants from Pacific Community Design contacted the City of Tigard to share photos of the new birdhouses in River Terrace. Carla Staedter, Tigard’s Engineering Project Coordinator writes,

“Hope residents are enjoying birdwatching. I feel proud of all recreational, wildlife, and stormwater treatment we were able to achieve in those facilities.  A definite addition to the quality of life in River Terrace.  Why I stay in public sector work….so rewarding!”

You can visit the new bird boxes near 15111 SW Danube Drive, Tigard, OR 97224
PW Update

Community Preparedness Fair Coming Soon to Cook Park
Jump start your emergency preparedness at a fair in Cook Park complete with live music and a free community BBQ! This is a free event offering hands-on activities, demonstrations and presentations on various emergency preparedness topics. Enjoy live music & food samples! Visit for more information on the city’s Emergency Management program.

UPDATE: 7/13/17

PW Update

Seriously Fun: Pop Up in Summerlake Park
The Parks & Rec summer theme is “Get Your Play On!” in conjunction with the National Recreation and Park Association’s annual campaign to celebrate July as National Park and Recreation Month! Over 150 people celebrated in Summerlake Park on Wednesday. View photos in the Tigard Parks & Rec Facebook group.

  • Pop Up in the Park
    Get ready to play outside with various sports, games and crafts. Let us take care of the fun! The next event will be held at Bonita Park on Wed, Jul 19 from 11 a.m.–1 p.m.
  • Photo Challenge
    July 10-16: L is for Learning! Show us how you combine learning and play! #PlayOnJuly      

Community Celebrates New Signal at Walnut/135th
Mike McCarthy, Streets and Transportation Senior Project Engineer reports: “Before the signal was activated, it took several minutes (or more) to get through the intersection in the afternoon peak hour. When I observed traffic this afternoon with the signal operating, everyone got through in the first cycle.”

Facebook comments included:

  • “I live on 135th and I'm very impressed, so yes, it works!!”
  • “Yes it finally works!!!! LOVE IT!”

Unique Abilities Fit Camp Starts Next Week
Come join us for fun in the sun! Camp will consist of exercise, games, crafts and friendship. This camp is designed for teens and adults with special needs. Register at

Progress is Visible at Bull Mountain Park
Park features under construction include accessible trails, a picnic shelter, a nature play structure, and interpretive elements. Construction is being led by the Friends of Bull Mountain Park, a grassroots organization formed to advocate for the acquisition and development of Bull Mountain Park. Follow the Friends of Bull Mountain Park on Facebook or visit their website at for information and updates.
PW Updates

UPDATE: 7/20/17

Bonita Park Pop Up 
The Parks & Rec summer theme is “Get Your Play On!” in conjunction with the National Recreation and Park Association’s annual campaign to celebrate July as National Park and Recreation Month! Over 75 people joined Parks & Rec on Wednesday to celebrate at the Bonita Park Pop Up event.
PW Updates

Parks & Recreation Summer Camps in Full Swing
Unique Abilities Fit Camp at Cook Park
Kicking off at Cook Park on Monday, this weeklong camp is designed for teens and adults with special needs. Campers experienced games like basketball, volleyball and bingo!

Coding for Kids: Beginner Game Development
Aspiring coders worked on building their first game at the Dirksen Education Center this week.

Skyhawks: Flag Football and Tennis Camp
Focused on skills and fun, campers enrolled in flag football and tennis camps got to enjoy Summerlake Park last week.
PW Updates

Lower Chlorine Residuals as Water Quality Stabilizes
Tigard water customers have seen a significant increase in water quality as a result of switching to water from the Lake Oswego-Tigard water partnership.

As part of the upgrade and expansion of this system, a new treatment process was recommended by a panel of experts in drinking water treatment and public health. The new plant utilizes a state-of-the-art water treatment process—conventional filtration plus ozone. Ozone, a powerful oxidant, destroys taste and odor causing compounds and removes more impurities from the water supply. In May, water treatment plant staff were embarking on their final day of testing the new ozone system and the plant is now producing ozonated water.

Managers for the Lake Oswego-Tigard water treatment plant have lowered the chlorine residual after discussion with Tigard staff to ensure public health. Chlorine taste and odor has been the most common complaint from Tigard residents since making the switch. These changes should improve chlorine taste and odor problems.

For more information about the Lake Oswego-Tigard treatment process, view information online at

Summer Road Construction is Heating Up
Seventeen miles of Tigard streets will be resurfaced this summer. Paving started this week near Viewmount Lane. 

Tigard typically uses two types of pavement treatments: 1) pavement overlays on busy streets and on roads with severe cracks and potholes to restore the road to good pavement condition; and 2) slurry seals on streets that have lower traffic volumes and are in relatively good condition to maintain them in good condition.

This year the city has a pilot project to test a third type of treatment: Asphalt Rubber Chip Seal. A contractor is scheduled (weather permitting) one day during the week of August 7 to install an asphalt rubber chip seal on Summercrest Dr., Manzanita St., 114th Pl., and 116th Ave.  This may be a viable way to preserve deteriorated streets for less cost than a pavement overlay.

View the city’s website to view:

  • Maps of the areas where summer paving work will occur
  • An interactive map of the proposed slurry seal schedule
  • Frequently asked questions.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board Tour of Dirksen Nature Park
At the July meeting of the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board (PRAB), members were provided a tour of the work happening at Dirksen Nature Park. This multiyear project to restore the site and provide public amenities is ongoing. Engineering staff member Carla Staedter provided updates about the work:

  • The portable classroom has been transformed into a renovated Nature Center. 
  • The oak savanna restoration is in full swing after many rounds of non-native plant removal, freeing of the oaks, and planting of native flower bulbs. Trees removed as part of the restoration were used to make buck and pole fencing which serves to define the edge of restoration areas and to discourage entry into the area.  This fencing will breakdown over time as the savanna grows.  Planted at the base of this fencing is a native shrub hedge that will take over as the buck and pole breaks down.    
  • An oak savanna overlook is part of the master plan for Dirksen Nature Park.  The overlook will house replicas of animals that live in an oak savanna.  Through a local corporate donation, Tigard commissioned life-sized bronze sculptures that will be hidden in and around the overlook to add an element of discovery for park users.
  • In addition to the overlook, upcoming construction will include:
    • Two elevated boardwalks
    • Two nature play areas
    • An interpretive shelter and restroom building near the existing sports fields.

PW Update

UPDATE: 8/10/17

Radical RevolutionInvite Your Friends: Concert in Cook Park on Tuesday
Get ready to rock at Tigard Parks & Rec’s first concert in the Park at Cook Park on August 15. Dance away with Tigard Parks & Rec and enjoy food, friends and fun. Radical Revolution is a 6-piece 80's tribute band that plays a huge variety of 80's hits ranging from Whitney Houston, Rick Springfield, Madonna, and Def Leppard, Go-Go's, Kenny Loggins, Erasure, and WAY more!

Water Crew UpdatePW Update
Barrows powerline trail has a new service line! Below, Derek is tapping into a 16" waterline so the park can have access to water.

Portions of Large Tree Removed from Dirksen Nature Park
In January, a large oak tree fell in Woodard Park. The tree did not cause any damage to the playground or other park structures, but it was close. Parks staff waited until July when the ground was more stable to remove the tree and determine possibilities for reuse. Portions of the tree were taken to Dirksen Nature Park for future use in a nature play area. A large portion of the trunk remains onsite and may also be used for nature play within Woodard Park.
PW update

UPDATE: 8/17/17

I love Rock “N” Roll! Concert in the Park a Success
PW Updates
Over 1,200 people poured into Cook Park on Tuesday evening to see Radical Revolution play in Cook Park. The event was a pilot program organized by Parks & Rec to gauge interest in a community concert series. Overwhelmingly, the response from the community is positive. Social media comments the next day included:

  • “Had a great time. Sooo much fun. Thank you!!!!!” (Sherry M.)
  • “It was a great time!! I forgot how fun that music was!! Made me feel like a kid again.” (Josh R.)
  • “The music was great! So much fun. Thank you.” (Fran B.)
  • “So much fun! Thank you! Hope there are more concerts next summer!” (Colleen V.)

Parks & Rec staff are now on the lookout for sponsors for a 2018 Concert in the Park series. For more information contact Anthony Markey at

Stay Tuned to Social Media for #EclipseTips PW Updates
A message from Mike Lueck, Emergency Services Coordinator 
On Monday, our state will experience a solar eclipse. I’ve been working with our partners for months to plan for this event. I encourage everyone to plan ahead, be patient and be safe.

One thing you can do right now is to sign up for Code Red—the city’s emergency notification service.

For more information about the eclipse, including tips for residents and visitors, please visit us online at

Tigard Street Bridge Closure Starts Tuesday
The City of Tigard will close the Tigard Street Bridge over Fanno Creek from August 23–September 1, 2017. During this closure, a contractor will be making structural repairs to the underside of the bridge. Traffic will be detoured via North Dakota Street. The Tigard Street Bridge over Fanno Creek was built in the 1960s and the underlying structure consists of wooden timbers. Due to normal weathering over the decades, the wood has deteriorated to the point where structural repairs are necessary. For more information, including what to expect during construction visit St Bridge closure

Construction at Dirksen Nature Park Starting Soon
Construction begins this month on a new oak savanna overlook and wetland boardwalk at Dirksen Nature Park.

  • The oak savanna overlook will provide seating to view wildlife and to enjoy the establishing prairie restoration.  Hidden around the overlook will be bronze depictions of different animals that live in Oregon’s oak savannas. 
  • A wetland boardwalk will reach into a stunning forested wetland hidden in the center of the nature park.  Although the site is dry during summer months, winter brings a wet bayou-like setting where tall trees reflect in the water below.  The boardwalk will allow park visitors to get a close-up look at the trees and to enjoy this unusual setting, all without getting wet!

Construction of the overlook and boardwalk is scheduled for completion in October 2017.  Look forward to next summer when a new nature play area and shelter are coming to the park.

Movies in the Park Come to Cook Park on Friday
Kick back and relax. Watch Rogue One on our 20-ft screen. Come early to hang out with Tigard Parks & Rec to play games for added fun. All movies start at dusk. Blankets, lawn chairs and flashlights are recommended. Please bring school supplies for the Tigard Tualatin School District school supply drive. Stop by the Parks & Rec selfie station to find out how to win a Family Fest Fun Run package.

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