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Exciting changes are taking shape in Downtown Tigard! Tigard’s historic and walkable downtown has unique shopping, eating and drinking establishments, superior transit access and access to the Fanno Creek Trail. Come experience the transformation—from new building upgrades to the newly renovated Main Street. There’s something for everyone!

Annual Downtown Street Fair

The Tigard Street Fair is a mix of entertainment, arts and crafts, community booths, fun, food and more. Free admission and family-friendly! Hosted annually by the Tigard Downtown Alliance.  
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Annual Downtown Art Walk

Award Winning Event
The Tigard Downtown Alliance commissioned 10 Portland area artists skilled in street art to create 10 sub-urban art panels as part of a weekend long exhibition for Downtown’s May 2015 Art Walk. This project was recognized by the Oregon State Main Street Program as the best downtown special event in 2015.
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Downtown Art Show

Explore Downtown Tigard and rediscover Tigard’s Main Street.

Gateway Art

Downtown art petals

Gateway Art
Downtown Tigard has two new eye-catching pieces of art at either end of Main Street where it meets on Highway 99W.

Two 16-foot steel sculptures that resemble flower petals are being installed together with gateway improvements. These include stonework, a “Welcome to Downtown Tigard” sign, public seating areas, lighting and landscaping. 

Artist Brian Borrello designed the artwork. He received input during a months-long public process from Tigard stakeholders, including the City Center Advisory Commission Public Art Subcommittee, composed of Tigard residents and business owners.

The Public Art Subcommittee, who reviewed the proposals, met nine times from 2011 through 2013. Their criteria required a project that would draw attention to the downtown area and ensure people could see it from the highway. So the art had to be visible and tall.

The subcommittee’s review also called for considering the needs of the community, the installation site, businesses in the area and safety and maintenance issues.

The project is funded by urban renewal funds. These are tax revenues raised in the City Center Urban Renewal District that are spent on projects within the district.

The city and its partner, the Tigard Downtown Alliance (TDA), have identified public art as an important component to a vital downtown. The TDA has organized events like the Tigard Art Walk and sponsored the glass baskets on Main Street light poles and temporary art installations.

Project costs were approximately $500,000. Of that amount, $80,000 was for the two sculptures and the remainder covered the gateway improvements.   


Art on Burnham Street
Perch, the newest piece of public art in Downtown Tigard, is part of a public/private partnership. The Tigard Downtown Alliance is leasing the artwork from artist Mike Suri for a year.

TDA Board Member Mike Stevenson, Owner of B&B Print Source, has donated the space for public art and paid for the base on his property. This is public art funded by downtown stakeholders and the TDA, one of our private sector partner in downtown revitalization.

The sculpture is valued by the artist at $25,000.

Main Street Green Street

Main Street Green Street Phase 1
Tigard's Main Street Green Street project rebuilt the southern half of Main Street in Downtown Tigard, from Pacific Highway/99W to the railroad crossing. 

Main Street Green Street Phase 2
Phase 2 of the Main Street Green Street Retrofit will continue the Phase 1 improvements across the railroad tracks north to Scoffins Street. The improvements will include new street lighting, pedestrian crossings, sidewalks, and stormwater planters. Design and engineering is currently scheduled for FY 2017-18, with construction in FY 2019-20.

For more information please contact Senior Project Engineer Andy Newbury at 503-718-2472.

Downtown History

Main Street's identity as Tigard's center dates from the construction of an electric commuter train line in 1910. Rapid growth occurred around Main Street in Tigardville (as it was then known). Many commercial buildings were constructed which housed businesses such as restaurants, grocery stores, a dance hall, a blacksmith and a livery stable. Several historical photos show the way things used to look on Main Street.

In 1940, an overpass for the Pacific Highway (99W) was built just north of Main Street. Much of Tigard's new development moved away from Main Street and towards commercial strips along Pacific Highway and elsewhere. 

In September 2005 the volunteer Downtown Task Force, made up of residents, property and business owners, completed the Downtown Improvement Plan adobe icon (13 MB). This plan will guide the development of a Town Center for Tigard and laid the foundation for the 2006 Urban Renewal Plan and District. The Urban Renewal Plan and associated tax increment financing have provided structure, tools, and funding for projects that are helping to revitalize downtown Tigard.

Sean Farrelly, Project Manager
503-718-2420 | Email

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