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Community Development


The redevelopment staff oversees urban renewal projects and programs to revitalize Downtown Tigard and other areas of the city through public investments and public private partnerships. 

In the Works...

Attwell Off Main
When fully leased, Attwell off Main will bring 300 residents to downtown Tigard where walking, biking, and taking transit are convenient. The development supports the Council goal to “Make Downtown Tigard a Place Where People Want to Be” and Tigard’s strategic vision to become the most walkable community in the Pacific Northwest where people of all ages and abilities enjoy healthy and interconnected lives. The public private partnership that built Attwell off Main would not have occurred without urban renewal.

Phase 1 Complete Atwell off Main
After breaking ground 15 months ago, work has been completed on the corner building of the $30 million Burnham/Ash mixed-use development. The first residents of Downtown’s newest apartment complex moved in March 1. Additionally, 1800 square feet of commercial space is available to lease. The second, larger building is scheduled to open in May.

This new development offers a range of units and rents for young people just entering the job market, families and “downsizing” baby boomers. Atwell lobbyAttracting new residents to downtown is a goal of urban renewal and the city’s strategic plan. Downtown residents will be able to talk advantage of a short walk to Main Street businesses, the Tigard Public Library, the Westside Express Service (WES) commuter rail service and the eleven bus lines that can be caught at the Tigard Transit Center.

Background Details
On April 14, 2015 the City Center Development Agency (CCDA), Tigard’s urban renewal agency, signed a development agreement with developers Capstone Greenlight LLC and DIG Tigard LLC. The proposal calls for the construction of 165 market-rate apartments and 1,819 square feet of commercial space

Major Milestone for Tigard
The project advances several long held goals for the downtown and implements objectives of the Tigard Downtown Improvement Plan, the City Center Urban Renewal Plan and the Downtown Connectivity Plan.  The development also supports Tigard’s recently adopted strategic vision to become the most walkable community in the Pacific Northwest where people of all ages and abilities enjoy healthy and interconnected lives.

Through the agreement, the developer team purchased the agency owned property for its appraised value of $1.65 million. The CCDA invested $1.65 million of the estimated $2.8 million in system development charges (SDC) incurred by the project.
The project also qualifies for a partial 10-year property tax reduction under the state’s Vertical Housing Development (VHDZ) program. The project should generate $7.8 million in property taxes over 20 years, although some of these taxes are expected to be forgone under the VHDZ program.  The remainder of the taxes will be reinvested in additional downtown projects to further revitalize the downtown as long as the urban renewal area is in place. 
The development, “Attwell Off Main” is now leasing.

Brownfields Initiative

In May 2014, the City of Tigard was awarded two brownfield grants from the Environmental Protection Agency for community-wide assessment. These funds help property owners or property purchasers conduct Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for eligible sites. An ESA is usually required for many commercial loans, and completing one may be a necessary step in a property sale or redevelopment.

Learn more about Brownfields Initiative and funding assistance.

Tigard Downtown Improvement Plan

The Tigard Downtown Improvement Plan (TDIP) was the result of a planning process with high levels of citizen involvement. It sets forth a vision to create, "a vibrant and active urban village at the heart of the community that is pedestrian-oriented, accessible by many modes of transportation, recognizes and uses natural resources as an asset, and features a combination of uses that enable people to live, work, play, and shop in an environment that is uniquely Tigard." The TDIP laid the foundation to create the Urban Renewal Plan.

Sean Farrelly
Redevelopment Project Manager


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City Center Urban Renewal: Past, Present, Future Downtown projects

View an interactive map of current, completed and proposed future projects in Downtown Tigard

Workforce by Age

Workforce by Age
In Tigard’s Urban Renewal District, the majority of the workforce is in their prime earning years according to the U.S. Census. Similar to national trends, the workforce is aging and since the end of the recession, employees with experience have crowded out younger employees.

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