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Requesting Public Records
Oregon Public Records Law grants each person the right to inspect the records of a public body (unless exempt from disclosure). City staff will contact you within five (5) business days of receiving your request. Click here to view the City of Tigard Records Policy.

Search for Archived Records
Making public documents available online is an important tool to provide enhanced customer service. Through Weblink, we provide easy access to public records (ordinances and resolutions, as well as City Council and a variety of Board and Committee records).

Additional Information
All records request for which the estimate exceeds $50, will require a payment of the estimated charges in advance.

The City of Tigard's Public Records Request Form is provided to the public to assist in obtaining copies of any non-exempt City record or to inspect City records. Upon completing the Public Records Request Form, it is submitted to the City's Records staff for processing. Services such as photocopying and microprints are provided at the rate shown to the right and in the Public Access to City of Tigard's Records Policy.

Public records requests which involve more than one half-hour of staff time for identification and location of the requested records will include a charge for staff time. Charges for providing records may be reduced or waived if it is determined that the waiver or reduction is in the public interest because making the record available primarily benefits the general public. To have a request for a fee waiver or reduction considered, please fill out the Request for Fee Waivers or Reductions form and submit the form to City Records with your records request. Records staff will refer the request to the appropriate department for review.

The city will provide a response to public records requests within a reasonable time after receiving the response. If the request is limited in scope and does not raise exemption issues, the city will endeavor to provide access to or a copy of the requested documents within five working days. In all cases, the city will endeavor to provide a status report within one week of receiving the request. The status report should normally provide an estimate of when a decision may be made or when the records may be available. Inspection of public records shall be conducted and all copies of public records shall be produced during the regular business hours of the City of Tigard.

Online Records Request
Submit an online Records Request

Microfilm/fiche and Photocopies
  • 8½ x 11 - $.25/page
  • 8½ x 14 - $.50/page
  • 11 x 17 - $1.00/page
  • 17 x 24 - $1.50/page
  • Oversized Copies - $2.50/page
  • DVD/CD - $10.00 each
  • Flash Drive - $11.00 each
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Tigard Mapping Services provides streamlined access to your questions, access to our standard applications as well as new light-weight applications, printable maps, and direct access to spatial data. Whether you're using a PC, tablet or smartphone, Tigard Mapping Services is there to help you find information.



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