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Current meeting materials for City Council and other City meetings.  Hearing dates are tentative and subject to change.

Tues., July 25 - City Council
Zone 2 Island Annexation

Tuesday, July 25, 2017, Tigard Civic Center - Town Hall, 13125 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard, Oregon 

Agenda: Available one week prior
Estimated time of hearing item(s) noted in the agenda

TITLE: Zone 2 Island Annexation 
STAFF REPORT: Download and View
REQUEST: The City of Tigard is proposing to annex one (1) parcel of unincorporated land, which is completely surrounded by land in the city’s jurisdiction. This unincorporated "island" is 1.13 acres in size.
LOCATION: 13020 SW Summit Ridge Street; Washington County Tax Assessor’s Map 2S109DB, Tax Lot 1801
STAFF CONTACT: Lina Smith, Assistant Planner, 503-718-2438

Tues., August 8 - City Council
Transient Lodging Tax and System Development Charges
Tigard Triangle Lean Code

Tuesday, August 8, 2017, Tigard Civic Center - Town Hall, 13125 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard, Oregon 

Agenda: Available one week prior
Estimated time of hearing item(s) noted in the agenda

  • AGENDA ITEM:  Transient Lodging Tax and Non-Residential Transportation System Development Charges
    STAFF CONTACT: Toby LaFrance, Finance Director, 503-718-2406
  • AGENDA ITEM: Tigard Triangle Lean Code
    FILE NO: DCA2017-00002
     The city is proposing a new code for the Tigard Triangle that would regulate development differently than the existing code. The goal of the new code is to spur new development by reducing regulations in ways that support the community’s vision.

    The proposed Lean Code is available here or at the Tigard Permit Center at 13125 SW Hall Blvd. Additional details here:

    STAFF CONTACT: Susan P. Shanks, Senior Planner, Community Development, or 503-718-2454

Mon., August 14 - Planning Commission
West River Terrace Modification

PUBLIC HEARING: Planning Commission
Monday, August 14, 2017, 7:00 p.m.
Tigard Civic Center - Town Hall, 13125 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard, Oregon (Hearing has been continued from July 17, 2017)

TITLE: West River Terrace Modification
FILE NO: PDR 2016-00014
Available one week prior
VIEW: Notice of Public Hearing / Zoning and Site Map
VIEW: Project documents

DESCRIPTION OF PROPOSAL: The applicant requests to revise portions of the street section on SW Jean Louise Road, a city collector and SW Sabrina Avenue, a neighborhood route, to remove dedicated bike lanes and convert them to shared travel lanes with the addition of parking on both sides. Through the planned development process the applicant has the ability, under Section 18.350.070.C.8, to modify the street standards with the City Engineer’s approval. The applicant requests this change in order to respond to the lack of available parking in this phase of development and the high demand for parking. Additionally, the average daily traffic counts for both streets are low enough to warrant shared travel lanes.

STAFF CONTACT: Monica Bilodeau, 503-718-2427, 

testimony guidelines and tips

Citizen Communication
Anyone wishing to speak on an agenda item should sign on the appropriate sign-up sheet(s). If no sheet is available, ask to be recognized by the Mayor at the beginning of that agenda item. Citizen Communication items are asked to be two minutes or less. Longer matters can be set for a future Agenda by contacting either the Mayor or the City Manager.

» Time Limit: 2 minutes or less (Longer matters can be set for a future agenda)
» Topics: Items not on the agenda and Non-Public Hearing agenda items.

Public Hearing Agenda Items
Oral Testimony:

  • Time limit for applicant and/or applicant’s representative(s):  20 minutes, total 
  • Time limit (per person) for all other oral testimony:  5 minutes
  • Timer may be used for public hearing testimony:
    1. Green light will come on after the person has stated his/her name and address for the record.
    2. Yellow will light come on when one minute remains.
    3. Red light will come on when testimony time is up.
  • City Council and staff should hold questions until after delivery of testimony to avoid complications determining if the testifier has had the ability to comment the full 5 minutes.

Written Testimony:

  • For the initial hearing, testimony should be submitted as early as possible.  Written testimony should be received by the City Recorder 24 hours prior to the public hearing.
  • Deadlines for submitting written testimony can be imposed for continued hearings.
  • Scope of testimony limits can be imposed for continued public hearings.

Public Notice on Hearing Procedures:

  • Hearing procedures handouts will be available at the entrance to the meeting room.

  • Hearing procedures are reviewed by the City Attorney at the beginning of quasi-judicial (land use) and legislative hearings.


  • Applicant will have an opportunity to rebut testimony at the hearing following oral public testimony from the proponents and opponents.  Applicant shall respond only to testimony given and present no new information.  The applicant will be encouraged to deliver rebuttal remarks in 10 minutes or less. 

City Council Staff Contact:

Carol Krager
City Recorder's Office

planning commission:
testimony guidelines and tips

Public Input
The purpose of the hearing is to invite interested parties to participate in the decision-making process by submitting relevant testimony to the Planning Commission before a decision is made, or before a formal recommendation to City Council.

Public Hearing Format

  1. The public hearing is opened by the Planning Commission President.
  2. City staff will provide a summary of the staff report and their recommendation. A copy of the staff report is available for viewing one week in advance of the hearing in the City of Tigard Permit Center and on the website.
  3. The Planning Commission President will invite public testimony.
  4. The Planning Commission President will close the Public Hearing. No further testimony will be accepted.
  5. The Planning Commission will deliberate and vote on the proposal. The president will allow for Planning Commission member discussion only.

Please Note:  The Planning Commission is the decision-making body for zone changes and planned developments only. For all others, the commission makes a recommendation to City Council—who makes the final decision. Please contact the Planning Department at 503-718-2421 if you have any questions.

Hearing Tips

  • If you are unable to attend the public hearing, you may submit your comments in writing to the Planning Commission. Written comments may be submitted to Doreen Laughlin,Planning Commission Secretary at or City of Tigard, attn.: Doreen Laughlin, 13125 SW Hall Blvd., Tigard, OR 97223. You may also submit your comments to the assigned planner whose name and contact information can be found online under the hearing date at Public Hearings and Public Notices.
  • Submitting your comments in writing to the Planning Commission in advance of the public hearing allows staff and the commission more time to formulate a response to your concerns.
  • At the hearing, if you wish to speak for, against, or comment in any way, we request that you print your name and full address on the “Hearing Sign-In Sheet” at the back of the room. When called to speak, please come forward to the podium, clearly state your name, address and make your statement.
  • Please be prepared to limit your testimony to three minutes. The Planning Commission Secretary will have a timer with green, yellow, and red lights on the table to remind you. (The yellow light will flash as a 30 second warning, and the timer will buzz at the end of 3 minutes). It’s always a good idea to submit your ideas in writing, particularly if you are unsure as to whether or not you can make all of your points in the time allotted. You may hand your written comments to the Planning Commission Secretary who sits at the right side of the podium.
  • Please do not repeat testimony offered by yourself or earlier witnesses. If you agree with the statement of an earlier witness, please just state that and add any additional points of your own.
  • If you have any exhibits for the Planning Commission to consider, such as a copy of your testimony, photographs, petitions, or other documents or physical evidence, at the close of your comments please hand all new exhibits to the Planning Commission Secretary, who will mark these exhibits as part of the record.


Planning Commission Staff Contact:
Doreen Laughlin
Community Development

Public Testimony
How to testify at public hearings: Guidelines and Tips

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Tigard Police Department

Re-Publish Date: July 6, 2017

The Tigard Police Department has in its physical possession the unclaimed personal property described below. If you have any ownership interest in any of that unclaimed property, you must file a claim with the Tigard Police Department within 30 days from the date of publication of this notice, or you will lose your interest in that property. Satisfactory proof of lawful ownership must be presented before property will be returned; such proof may consist of an accurate description of the unclaimed property.

Property includes: bicycles, audio/video equipment, cameras, jewelry, computer equipment, personal items, money, auto accessories, tools, sporting goods and other miscellaneous items.

To file a claim or for further information, please contact:
Tigard Police Department
Property & Evidence Division
Tigard, OR 97223
Phone: 503-639-6168
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