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21 Dec 2014  
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Lake Oswego • Tigard Water Partnership
Go to the Lake Oswego • Tigard Water Partnership website for the most up-to-date project news.

Got Water?
Hear what your neighbors have to say about how important water is to their everyday lives. Watch the video.
Six things to know about your new drinking water system:

  1. Clean drinking water is vital to the health and economy of our communities. It is easy to take water for granted. Every day we turn on our taps and get clean, safe water. We don't often think about the infrastructure that treats and delivers water to our homes and businesses year-round, 24 hours a day.
  2. Construction is underway for Lake Oswego's and Tigard's new water system. You can see progress on new facilities in Gladstone, West Linn, Lake Oswego and Tigard. High quality drinking water is scheduled to be delivered to homes and businesses in 2016.
  3. Our new water system will provide reliable, consistently high quality drinking water—all for less than a penny per gallon. The new ozone treatment system will use less chlorine for disinfection and remove more impurities from our drinking water. It also ensures your water tastes great-year round.
  4. The Partnership approach is saving millions of dollars for customers. The new water system upgrades and expands Lake Oswego's aging facilities to serve both communities. Lake Oswego has a cost-sharing partner for the needed upgrades and joint operations. For the first time, Tigard will own its own water supply.
  5. The new water treatment plant and major pipelines are resilient—the first in Oregon designed and constructed to withstand major earthquakes. The Partnership also expands a network of interconnected water systems-increasing water reliability for Lake Oswego, Tigard, West Linn and communities across the region.
  6. Building the new drinking water system means more jobs. The project is providing jobs for local contractors and suppliers, helping the region's economy. The program will create and preserve more than 2,200 jobs and 90% of those workers live in our metro area.

Committed to the protection and conservation of our natural resources
The City of Tigard is dedicated to providing its consumer with the highest quality of water which meets or exceeds the standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Oregon Department of Human Services (DHS).

Tigard works to ensure the quality of drinking water through monitoring, planning, comprehensive designs, construction, operation and maintenance of the water system. In addition, the City of Tigard provides public education, field assistance and prompt customer service.
Lake Oswego • Tigard Water Partnership
  Tigardís Drinking Water Dilemma: Price of Ownership
  The Facts about a Water Partnership Agreement
  Water Financial Plan Q&A
  Fact Sheet: Water Financial Plan
  Fact Sheet: Water Revenue Bonds
  Fact Sheet: Ozone Treatment
  Making Sense of Water Cents
What your water dollar buys today...
  The Road to a Secure Drinking Water Future
Where are we now?

Hot Topics
  WaterSense Toilet Reimbursement Program
New Program begins 7/1/14
  State of Oregon Resilience Plan
The Oregon Resilience Plan For Water & Wastewater Systems

General Information
  Know H2O
[Tigard Water Service Area (TWSA) Newsletter]
  HOW-TO TIP: Turning off Water at the Meter
  Cross Connection and Backflow Prevention
  Fluoride in the Water?
  Information Request Form
  Lead in Water
  Water Meter Information
Checking for leaks, pressure-related problems and more...
  Water Rates and Bill Calculator
  Water Quality & Supply
Annual Water Quality Report (published 2014)

Ongoing Project:
Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR)

Water Pressure/Leak Problems
Public Works Front Desk

Utility Billing
Online Water Utility Payments
Water Rates, Calculator and General Info

Water Quality and Conservation
Jennifer Joe

Cross Connection and Backflow
Hung Nguyen

Utility Division Manager
John Goodrich


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