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In this feature, the Mayor and City Council share their perspectives on all things Tigard. We encourage you to read previous entries and submit your questions for the Mayor and City Council. We’ll select at least one question from the community each month to ask our elected officials. If your question is selected, you will receive a City of Tigard prize pack. Email Kent Wyatt,, with your suggestions.

Councilor Heidi Lueb

City Councilor Heidi Lueb
  • Valentine’s Day is in February. Where do you “love” to go in Tigard?
    You can find my husband and I hitting the trails in Cook Park. We love to get moving outside together with our two dogs who also love to run!.
  • What was your ‘aha’ moment for when you felt a part of the Tigard community?
    When I started getting recognized at some of the regular places my husband and I go. Also when I didn't have to use GPS to get around anymore :)
  • What’s the most surprising part of being on the city council?
    I've been inspired by all of the community members who so selflessly give of their time to make Tigard the kind of community we all want to live in

Councilor Liz Newton

City Councilor Liz Newton
  • Valentine’s Day is in February. Where do you “love” to go in Tigard?
    I love to go to the Fanno Creek trail near my house. I have walked, biked and pushed a stroller on the trail. My favorite thing about being on the trail is it’s never boring — changes with the seasons.
  • What was your ‘aha’ moment for when you felt a part of the Tigard community?I grew up just outside of Tigard. I went swimming in the Tualatin River, had my first horseback ride on my cousin’s horse at her home and bought my first album at the music store at Tigard Plaza - Beach Boys in Concert - a birthday gift for my brother. When I started working for the city in 1980, it was like being home.
  • What’s the most surprising part of being on the city council?
    How much people appreciate the opportunity to have a conversation with me, ask questions and share what’s on their mind. 
  • My most memorable experience in 2018 was... 
    Walking around Tigard neighborhoods as a candidate for city council. I got in a lot of steps walking familiar neighborhoods and discovering new ones too. I enjoyed the conversations I had with residents, learning what is important to them. People were so gracious with their time. Some even followed up with phone calls and emails. I learned a lot and saw a lot of Tigard I hadn’t visited before.
  • My 2019 New Year’s resolution is... 
    To continue conversations with the community and focus on their priorities.

Mayor Jason Snider

  • Valentine’s Day is in February. Where do you “love” to go in Tigard?Mayor Jason Snider
    I really enjoy visiting our fabulous parks. I “love” visiting the dock at Cook Park, viewing up and down the Tualatin River. Dirksen Nature Park and Bull Mountain Park are also fabulous places that I “love” to visit, particularly on hot summer evenings.
  • What was your ‘aha’ moment for when you felt a part of the Tigard community?
    My ‘aha’ moment of belonging came when my wife and I purchased our first home in 2001, very purposefully within Tigard. I was also sworn in as a Tigard Reserve Police Officer later that same year. Both events cemented my feeling part of the Tigard community.
  • What’s the most surprising part of being on the city council?
    A few months into my time as a city councilor in 2013, I realized that most issues the city faces are complex, requiring significant investments of time to understand them well. Typically, our citizens want short, clear, and decisive answers -- this is very challenging to provide when most issues are complex and nuanced. I found this disconnect very surprising at first but learned to embrace it when I realized this is precisely why we have democratically elected, representative government. The people of Tigard elect citizens to the city council who are obligated to invest the time needed to understand the complex problems and then act on behalf of everyone in the best interests of Tigard as a whole.
  • My most memorable experience in 2018 was…. 
    Knocking on the door of a 99-year-old gentleman during the mayoral campaign. He invited me into his home at Bonaventure of Tigard and shared that his name was Lionel Domreis and he was one of the founding fathers of Tigard. We spent 45 minutes going through decades of Tigard history and looking at his art. What impressed me most was that he still tracks local politics and current events very closely.  His high level of civic engagement inspires me.
  • My 2019 New Year’s resolutions are...
    To continue building stronger relationships with my children. In 2018 we added a weekly family game night activity. This has gotten us engaged, present in the moment, and talking with each other without technology distractions.  In short, I want to be present in the moment more in 2019.


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