Title 18

Community Development Code

Title 18 of the Tigard Municipal Code, also known as the Community Development Code, is designed to set forth the standards and procedures governing the development and use of land in Tigard and to implement the Tigard Comprehensive Plan.

PLEASE NOTE:  On December 14, 2017, Ordinance No. 17-22 went into effect and resulted in the complete reorganization of Title 18. The new organizational structure is shown below.  On December 14, 2017, Ordinance No. 17-25 also went into effect and resulted in amendments to four chapters within Title 18. The four affected chapters are noted below.


Table of Contents
18.00  Introduction
18.10 Legal Framework
18.20 Administration and Enforcement
18.30 Definitions
18.40 Measurements
18.50 Nonconforming Circumstances
18.60 Use Categories

18.100 Base Zones
18.110 Residential Zones
18.120 Commercial Zones
18.130 Industrial Zones
18.140 Parks and Recreation Zone

18.200 Building Development Standards
18.210 Accessory Structures
18.220 Residential Design Compatibility

18.300 Site Development Standards
18.310 Off-Street Parking and Loading
18.320 Landscaping and Screening

18.400 Supplemental Development Standards
18.410 Accessory Dwelling Units
18.420 Manufactured/Mobile Home Regulations
18.430 Marijuana Facilities
18.435 Signs
18.440 Temporary Uses
18.450 Wireless Communication Facilities

18.500 Special Designations
18.510 Sensitive Lands
18.520 Urban Forestry

18.600 Plan Districts
18.610 Plan Districts
18.620 Bridgeport Village Plan District
18.630 Durham Advanced Wastewater Treatment Facility Plan District
18.640 River Terrace Plan District
18.650 Tigard Downtown Plan District
18.660 Tigard Triangle Plan District
18.670 Washington Square Regional Center Plan District

18.700 Land Use Applications and Review Types  
18.710 Land Use Review Procedures
18.720 Annexations
18.730 Code Interpretations and Director Determinations
18.740 Conditional Use
18.750 Historic Overlay Zone
18.760 Home Occupations
18.770 Planned Developments
18.780 Site Development Review
18.790 Variances and Adjustments
18.795 Map and Text Amendments

18.800 Land Divisions  
18.810 Lot Line Adjustments and Lot Consolidations
18.820 Land Partitions
18.830 Subdivisions

18.900 Streets and Utilities
18.910 Improvement Standards
18.920 Access, Egress and Circulation
18.930 Vision Clearance Areas

Administrative Rules

Municipal Code
Titles 1-17
Staff Contact
Carol Krager, City Recorder 

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