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Tigard Street Bridge

Tigard Street Bridge Reopens
October 5, 2017
Engineering staff is preparing an application for federal bridge replacement funds for the Tigard Street bridge over Fanno Creek. Emergency structural repairs (with a 5-year design life) were completed this summer.

August 31, 2017
Tigard Street Bridge reopened to all vehicle traffic on Thursday, August 31, 2017. Closed on August 23 for structural repairs, the bridge is open ahead of schedule. The Tigard Street Bridge over Fanno Creek was built in the 1960s and the underlying structure consists of wooden timbers. Due to normal weathering over the decades, the wood had deteriorated to the point where structural repairs were necessary. By installing steel plates and beams to restore the structural capacity of the bridge, the city is able to keep the bridge open for the next several years while securing funding to build a new bridge. 

North Dakota Street Bridge

Tigard Receives Federal Funding for North Dakota Bridge Replacement
September 1, 2016
The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) announced last week that Tigard will receive $3,064,676 in Local Bridge Program (LBP) funding for replacement of the North Dakota Street Bridge. Construction would be anticipated in 2020.

Built in 1962 (with a 50-year design life), the existing wooden bridge spans Fanno Creek along North Dakota Street between 105th Place and Tiedeman Avenue.  The city needed to close the bridge on June 1, 2015, following notification from ODOT of significant deterioration of the timbers supporting the bridge. Through an emergency contract, the city expedited temporary repairs that allowed the bridge to reopen while the city worked on a long-term solution.

Funding for the full bridge replacement comes as a relief to city engineers. “We are very glad to receive this bridge funding to replace this key link in our transportation system,” said Mike McCarthy, Senior Project Engineer for the city. “Last year’s repairs were only a short-term fix, and the closure demonstrated the importance of this bridge to our community.”

The new bridge will include sidewalks and bike lanes. Since the city adopted its strategic plan in November 2014, it has been using opportunities such as the bridge project and new developments to build more sidewalks and walkways that promote connections and active transportation.

City Celebrates New Pedestrian Walkway on North Dakota Street Bridge

August 10, 2015
ND bridge walkwayThe City of Tigard celebrated the opening of a new pedestrian walkway along the North Dakota Street Bridge on August 18, at 10 a.m. The walkway was completed in early August.

Mayor John Cook presided over the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new enhancement. The protected walkway now makes it safer for walkers, bikers and strollers to cross the structure without being on North Dakota Street and exposed to automobile traffic. The bridge is located just east of the Fanno Creek Trail, a popular corridor for many walkers, bikers and runners.  Press Release

Tigard's North Dakota Street Bridge Reopens
July 22, 2015 
Tigard’s North Dakota Street Bridge reopened to all vehicle traffic on Friday, July 17. The city closed the bridge on June 1, following notification from the Oregon Department of Transportation that said the timbers supporting the bridge had deteriorated to a point where they need to be repaired or replaced.

Built in 1962, the wooden bridge spans Fanno Creek along North Dakota Street between 105th Place and Tiedeman Avenue. The closure resulted in traffic back-ups throughout the area, especially during the evening rush hour.

Through an emergency contract, the city expedited temporary repairs to the bridge. The repairs were completed in less than two months. According to City Engineer Lori Faha, “Long-term, the bridge will still need to be replaced. The city is in the process of identifying and pursuing options to fund that replacement.”

In conjunction with the city’s vision to connect people and places, the bridge work became a catalyst for pedestrian improvements. A walkway is under construction along the south side of the bridge. The city’s contractor installed steel beams that extend beyond the existing guard rail and bridge structure. A 4-foot-wide walkway will be constructed on the extended beams. In addition, city crews are constructing a path along the shoulder of North Dakota Street from the Fanno Creek Trail to the new bridge walkway. The pedestrian improvements will be completed in August.


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